Server Change Successful!

by Josh Todd on December 22, 2008

I made the transistion from over to a self-hosted WordPress installation today, and my database survived intact!  It was not my first time setting up a WP installation or anything, but it’s always nasty when you have to transfer databases…  Not too many changes on the blog for now, although I am looking forward to finding a theme that works better for me, so you might see some more drastic visual changes coming up.

Also, this blog is going to be more of a priority for me going forward.  So far I’ve done a few useful posts, but mostly industry news stuff.  I like doing the news stuff so I will keep doing that, but I am going to do my best to share my experiences on the affiliate side of the game.

I want to have the whole package.  I want to be a successful A.M. for, and I want to be a successful internet marketer by any other means possible as well.  I will be posting different marketing tricks and my experience with them to help save you time when you decide to get the ball rolling on a new traffic stream.

So grab a chair, stick around, and feel free to leave a comment once in a while.  If I know what you guys are dying to learn, then I can step up and take a swing at it myself.  First up, I am experimenting with the fascinating (and sometimes confusing) world of PPV, or Contextual advertising.  There will be a full post on this coming up soon.  I just need to do some fine tuning on my campaigns before I spill the beans.

Oh, and if I don’t speak to you sooner, Merry Christmas!

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