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by Josh Todd on May 26, 2010

AffPortal was the first “PPV Tools” website on the block.  It took a whole bunch of tasks that PPV marketers have to do on a regular basis, and made them faster and easier.  Things like URL scraping, etc.  Now that it’s been out for a while, a competitor has sprung up called AffExpert.  At first I was skeptical, because I am a huge fan of AffPortal.  But once I got the chance to dig in and use the tools during their free Beta period (which has expired), they won me over.

Most of the tools are self-explanatory by the title, but there are a couple of things that I really like about AffExpert’s system that make it unique:

  1. When you are scraping URLs, it automatically shows you the Alexa, and Quantcast rankings for all of them.  This is pretty cool because you can tell how much traffic a target is going to get before you even test it out on the PPV network.
  2. There is a really cool Basket system that you can save all the URLs to that you want to keep, and then download them all at once in one nice file.  This eliminates the all-too-common problem of duplicate URLs you get when you are scraping  through other methods, and it will also give you the option to add or remove the final slash (/) at the end of the URLs.  Since PPV networks like DirectCPV consider “” to be a different URL than “”, this can be handy.
AffExpert URL Scraper

URL Scraper in action

Here are the PPV/CPV tools available:

  • Related Keywords
  • URL Scraper
  • Site Analytics (Alexa, Compete, Quantcast)
  • Domain Expander
  • Related Domains Finder
  • Top 1 Mil Domain Explorer
  • Domain Typos
  • URL Query Generator
  • YouTube Scraper
  • URL Follower

There are also some PPC tools:

  • Google Campaign Builder
  • Competition Spy
  • Adsense Finder
  • Keyword Grouper

There is also a self-hosted Weighted URL Rotator.  You can install this on your own server so you don’t have to worry about the data being snatched by somebody else (unless they have access to your server, and then you are just a moron).

I haven’t personally used the PPC tools much, so I can’t report on how they work.  That being said, it’s nice to get them for the one monthly fee, and if you are paying for another keyword tool that does the same thing, you can eliminate that extra expense and just use one tool set for everything.

All in all, I highly recommend AffExpert.  I use it personally on every PPV campaign I do, and it is a major time saver.  You can get a 7-day, fully functional trial for only $1, so what are you waiting for, give it a shot!

P.S.  Use promo code “BETAUSER” to get a discounted membership for life.

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Jim Banks May 26, 2010 at 3:39 am

Good review Josh.

I also like some of the tools and was a beta user in the free trial period. I just tried to sign up using your affiliate link to give you some love but the BETAUSER code says it's an invalid code, so maybe get on to Besmir to fix it! ir no commish for anyone.


Josh Todd May 26, 2010 at 3:42 am

Thanks for letting me know! It is fixed now.


Profit Addiction May 26, 2010 at 4:25 am

Apparently your AffExpert link is broken as well!


Josh Todd May 26, 2010 at 4:26 am

Wow not enough coffee today. It is fixed now.


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