5 Things I Love This Week

by Josh Todd on March 16, 2009

1.)  Watchmen (the Graphic Novel).  I did it backwards.  I saw the movie, and loved it so much that I wanted more.  I quickly ordered the book from Amazon (nice $10 sale price for brand new book) and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  When it did, I devoured it in 2 days.  One of the best books I have ever read, graphic or non.  The back of the sleeve says it all, “If you’ve never read a Graphic Novel, start with Watchmen.  If you’ve read it, it’s time to read it again.”

2.)  Tweetdeck.  When I installed this sweet little app on my desktop, suddenly Twitter made sense to me.  I’ve had an account for almost a year now, but it never clicked with me until I got Tweetdeck.  For better or for worse, I’m hooked.  Install this at your own peril.

3.)  Freeloaders.  Gary Simon’s free how-to design videos for Photoshop and WordPress are excellent!  This guy is sharp, and he has a sense of humor.  If you have Photoshop or Illustrator installed, gathering virtual dust on your hard drive, do yourself a favor and get the design juices flowing again with these videos.

4.)  Castle.  Hot on the heels of the new-media success story Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Nathan Fillion returns to television with one of the best pilots I’ve seen in a while.  I’m a huge fan, so that helped, but the show is actually good.  It’s funny, suspenseful, and I can’t wait for episode 2, airing later this evening…

5.)  Morning Sci-Fi by Hybrid.  Found this little gem on Pandora.  It’s been a couple years since it was released, but it still sounds relevant.  More importantly, this is the kind of album that I love to listen to while spending 8 hours coding up a WordPress theme.  Not too harsh or annoying, but keeps it moving enough to keep you interested.

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Lorenzo March 16, 2009 at 8:57 am

Man I'm digging this post. Especially the title. Very rarely are there articles written about positive things (without some monetizing spin)! Its refreshing!


Tkaniny Obiciowe May 7, 2009 at 1:51 am

Watchmen is great. I don’t know why I missed it but once everyone started getting so excited about the movie I went ahead and borrowed a comic from a friend. It was pretty awesome.


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